What Are Some Modern Hairstyles for Men?

What Are Some Modern Hairstyles for Men?

Some modern hairstyles for men are updated versions of old fashioned styles, such as the pompadour. Many modern hairstyles combine fades with disconnected and shaved sections.

The pompadour is a classic hairstyle with a lot of volume on top. Most of the height should be in the front, with the hair gradually descending toward the crown. The modern take on the pompadour adds a high skin fade on the sides and back. This leaves the top hair disconnected to account for the length needed in the pompadour.

The undercut is another old fashioned haircut, one that used to be called a bowl cut. The sides and back are buzzed short, while the top is left long and disconnected. The modern take on this style involves fading the buzzed part or pulling the top into a top knot at the crown.

Another method of buzzing the sides and back while leaving the top long is to blend on one side while the other is disconnected. Sometimes called the Floyd, this hairstyle features buzzed hair all the way up to a low side part. The clippered hair often fades down to skin. On the far side, the hairstylist blends the long top into a low fade.

As part of the Floyd, some hairstylists shave the part to the skin, resulting in a hard part. A combover occurs when men style this haircut straight over to one side rather than back or even slightly back.