How Do You Mix Matrix "Majirel" and "Majirouge" Hair Colors?

To get rich hair color, mix 50 milliliters of Matrix Majirel or Majirouge with 75 milliliters of L?Oreal Professional Cream Oxydant and 12.5 milliliters of Majirel Mix.

If the proportion of white hair is more than 50 percent, then it is better to mix 25 milliliters of Majirel mix instead of the usual 12.5 milliliters. The application of hair color might change depending upon the technique being followed, especially if the person is neutralizing, intensifying or adding special effects. The color mixture needs to be applied while wearing gloves. The hair should be dry and unwashed. It takes about 35 minutes to develop, after which the hair needs to be rinsed thoroughly and shampooed.