How Do You Mix L'Oreal Hair Color?

How Do You Mix L'Oreal Hair Color?

To mix L'Oreal hair color, add the color to the developer and shake. Make sure that the mixture is completely blended before applying.

L'Oreal hair color is very easy to mix. It comes with separate developer and color mixtures in premeasured amounts, which users can mix in an easy four-step process. To mix L'Oreal hair color, use the following steps.

  1. Protect the skin
  2. Cover hands with the plastic gloves that come included with the dye.

  3. Prepare the mixtures
  4. Remove the cap from the developer bottle. Unscrew the cap from the color mixture, and pierce the top open with the pointed end of the cap.

  5. Pour the color into the developer
  6. Place the top of the color mixture bottle onto the developer mixture bottle. Pour the color mixture into the developer, and gently squeeze the tube to ensure that all of the color mixture is poured into the bottle.

  7. Blend the mixture
  8. Put the cap back onto the developer bottle and cover the end with a finger. Shake the bottle to blend the color mixture thoroughly. Remove the tip from the cap immediately because the pressure can cause the bottle to burst. The developer bottle doubles as a hair color applicator. Use all dye immediately after mixing.