How Do You Minimize the Appearance of a Double Chin?

How Do You Minimize the Appearance of a Double Chin?

To minimize the appearance of a double chin, apply a dark concealer under the chin, enhance the jaw line with a bronzer, and draw attention to the eyes with bold makeup. Do neck and chin exercises, and practice good posture.

  1. Apply dark foundation under the chin

    Start by applying foundation that matches your skin tone to your face. Next, use a concealer that is slightly darker than the foundation, and apply the concealer to the area under your chin and jaw bone.

  2. Apply bronzer to the jaw line

    To enhance the jaw line, use a makeup sponge to distribute a matte bronzer along the jaw line. Gently blend the bronzer into the foundation by rubbing the sponge along the jaw line, toward the ears.

  3. Apply bold eye makeup

    Blend a light color of eye shadow onto the upper eyelid, near the brow line. Apply a medium toned eye shadow to the lower lid, and a dark tone in the crease. Use black eye liner and mascara to enhance the eyes and draw attention away from a double chin.

  4. Do chin exercises

    Slowly tilt your head back toward your shoulders, then slowly pull your head forward until your chin touches your chest. Repeat this exercise several times a day to minimize the appearance of a double chin.