What Are Micro Braids Styles?


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Micro braids can be worn loose with a middle or side part, in a ponytail, a bun, a French braid, and more. Micro braids are individual braids that can be so small the finished result almost looks like loose, free-flowing hair. As a result, those with micro braids can accommodate many of the same styles as those with loose straight, wavy or curly hair.

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Micro braids are usually created by using bundles of human or synthetic hair. This hair is braided into the wearer's own hair and can be braided to the end of each strand, or the end can be left loose for more styling options. These tiny braids are a popular option for African-American women who want to wear straight or curly styles without using chemicals to straighten the hair. A curling iron or hot rollers can be used to add curls.

To prevent damage to the hair or scalp, micro braids should only be worn from one to three months at a time. Also, those with thin or damaged hair should have these braids added by experienced stylists for the best long-term results. This is because when hair is not strong or thick enough to support the weight, adding individual braids can result in breakage and hair loss.

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