What Are Some Facts About the Miami Indians?

The Miami Indians originally lived in what are now the states of Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Michigan. The name of the tribe has no connection to the city in Florida with the similar-sounding name. After the United States government's forced relocation of Indian tribes living east of the Mississippi River during the 1800s, the Miami became two separate tribal nations: the Miami Nation of Indiana and the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma.

Because the French fur traders were the first Europeans to establish what was a mutually agreeable trade relationship with the Miami, the tribe became their allies. The tribe fought for the French in the North American theater of the war between England and France that began in Europe as the Seven Years War and which was known as the French and Indian War in the New World.

After the Seven Years War ended in a French defeat, the Miami then allied themselves with the British. After siding with them during the American Revolution, the tribe continued to fight after the British formally surrendered. The Miami won two significant victories over American armies in 1790 and 1791 before being defeated by American General Anthony Wayne in 1794.