What Are Some Methods to Treat Damaged Hair?

methods-treat-damaged-hair Credit: Alfred Pasieka/Photolibrary/Getty Images

The most effective way to treat damaged hair is with high quality oils. Regular haircuts, clarifying rinses and conditioning treatments also treat damaged hair, which is often caused by excessive use of hair products.

Adding moisture is a highly effective way to treat damaged hair. Argan, coconut or olive oil treatments aid in restoring hair's lost moisture and shine. Oil should be heated slightly, applied to the ends of the hair and left in the hair overnight underneath a shower cap.

Regular haircuts remove split ends. Depending on the length of the hair and the extent of the damage, a trim every six to eight weeks may prevent dramatic hair damage.

A clarifying rinse is a simple way to wash away the build-up of hair products and environmental residue. An apple cider vinegar rinse consisting of one part vinegar to four parts filtered water is a natural way to restore hair. Clarifying shampoo also helps restore hair without the strong odor of apple cider vinegar.

Other methods to treat damaged hair include deep-conditioning hair masques, split-end treatments and use of products that protect the hair from heat. Products should be chosen based on the texture of the hair and the amount of damage.