What Methods Help Get Rid of Leg Acne?

Moisturizing properly, using traditional acne creams, and taking care during shaving are three ways to clear leg acne. Leg acne often results from ingrown hairs or allergic reactions.

Leg acne may appear as small bumps or pimples and have various causes, including allergic reactions to soaps, shampoos, or detergents. People with leg acne who shave may consider changing razors or using wax instead to prevent ingrown hairs. Keeping legs exfoliated will help clear pores. Washing regularly and moisturizing also helps keep legs soft and absorbent. Acne treatments for the face may also prove helpful for the legs. Check with a physician before any home treatments to verify if the condition is leg acne or folliculitis, which also results in small bumps. Folliculitis can be alleviated with white vinegar, mild shampoo, or antifungal creams.