What Are Some Methods for Extracting Blackheads From Skin?


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An effective method for extracting blackheads from the skin is with the use of a comedone extractor, which is often used by skin care professionals during facials and for acne treatments, according to Everyday Health. Pore strips are also used to remove blackheads from the skin, states Health.com.

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Blackheads removal with a comedone extractor must be done in a sterile environment, such as the dermatologist's office or at a spa, as reported by Everyday Health. When extraction is done professionally, it can help clear up the skin and effectively prevent future breakouts.

For mild acne that involves blackheads, gentle cleansing with warm water and mild soap, application of salicylic acid, such as Stridex or Propa pH, or the use of a specially formulated lotion that helps unclog pores are recommended, according to WebMD.

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