What Are Some Methods for Designing Your Own Sneakers?

What Are Some Methods for Designing Your Own Sneakers?

In the 2010s, companies such as adidas, Converse, K-Swiss, Vans, Reebok and Nike started offering custom sports shoes. At their websites, customers can choose from a selection of models and design their own sneakers, deciding on the color of various parts, patterns and more.

Designing custom sneakers can also be done at home. One way is to spray paint sneakers, especially white or one-color ones. Make sure the parts that should not be painted are covered with tape. Cover the inside soles, the heel and all other parts that you do not wish to paint. You can paint whole sneakers or use cut-out patterns.

For drawing on sneakers, use fabric paint and a small sponge brush or fabric markers, which minimize the chance of bleeding.

For further decoration, saw some buttons with the back shanks removed onto the fabric of the sneakers, or embroider a custom design using some embroidery floss and a thick needle.

To add a shiny touch, use glitter or cabochons -- stones with flat backs, which can be found at craft or bead stores. Cabochons are suitable for gluing onto fabric, leather and various other materials.

Achieve an ombre effect by dipping the sneakers into fabric dye several times, starting with the toes and dipping them deeper each time.