How Do I Get a Messy Hair Look?

How Do I Get a Messy Hair Look?

To get a messy hair look, apply a texturizing product, style your hair with your fingers, and apply firm hairspray or wax. The length of time required to create a messy style depends on the length and texture of your hair; many people achieve results in about 10 minutes. To get your own messy hair look, you need a comb or hairbrush, texturizing spray, root volumizer, firm hairspray and a tin of hair wax.

  1. Apply texturizing spray

    Brush your hair, and spritz it with a texturizing product, such as sea salt spray. Liberally mist your entire head. Bend forward so your head is upside down, and apply root volumizer to the crown of your head.

  2. Scrunch your hair

    Stand upright, and scrunch your hair with your hands. Pay special attention to the bottom half of your strands.

  3. Define the ends with wax

    Take a pea-sized amount of hair wax, and rub it between your fingers until it warms and softens. Apply the wax to the tips of your hair with twisting and pinching motions. Add more wax if necessary.

  4. Set your style with hairspray

    Set your style with a generous application of firm hairspray. Spray all of your hair, but focus on the lower portion.