What Do Men Wear in Paris?


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Paris Escapes states that men in Paris dress in what is considered to be a metrosexual style in the United States. Men's clothing in Paris is tailored to the waist and chest to define a man's physique.

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The website also asserts that items that are considered casual wear in the United States, such as sweatpants and baseball caps, shouldn't be worn in public in Paris. Polo shirts are preferred over t-shirts, and a sports coat is a more fashionable choice than a windbreaker. Dressing in a polished style is a sign of respect in Paris and could result in more attentive treatment in restaurants and shops.

Capri pants are also common menswear in Paris, as men rarely wear shorts in France. Paris Escapes also suggests wearing comfortable shoes, but not tennis shoes, when in Paris. Men in Paris typically wear walking shoes instead of the white tennis shoes that many American tourists wear when visiting Paris. Wearing tennis shoes can also be an obvious sign that a man is a tourist, which could make him a target for pickpockets. Brands such as Ecco and Dansko are popular when it comes to men's walking shoes, because they are durable and ideal for walking on cobblestone streets.

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