How Do Men Wear High Heals?


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Any woman or man who has not worn heels before can become accustomed to wearing the shoes by practicing in one or two-inch high heels. Taking small steps, walking in a straight line and trying out different surfaces can give the wearer the confidence needed to wear higher-heeled footwear styles.

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Derek J, an Atlanta hairstylist, gained fame after appearing on a segment of the show, "The Real Housewives" wearing pumps with his sweater and jeans. Men frequenting clubs in New York sometimes wear stilettos with regular men's wear. Male models have also appeared in boot heels on New York's fashion runway.

Wearing high heels is not a new practice. Until they were banned by Napoleon, heels were an indication of one's social standing during the 1700s in France. The shoes were worn by both women and men. The French king Louis XVI wore red-accented, 5-inch high heels that depicted battle scenes.

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