What Are Some Men's Grooming Tips?

What Are Some Men's Grooming Tips?

Some of the things men can do to improve their grooming habits include trimming their eyebrows, shaving the hair off the back of their necks, using facial soap and keeping their fingernails short and clean, advises makeup artist Damon Roberts on Oprah.com. Men also should consider having clothes tailored to fit their bodies.

Men who want to improve their appearance without looking too polished can take small steps to do so. Trimming eyebrows allows men to appear more alert and better groomed. Roberts suggests brushing eyebrows every morning before leaving home for the day.

Men can ask their barbers to shave the hair off the back of their necks. Trimming nose hairs and long ear hairs are also grooming necessities.

Having clothes tailored to fit their bodies can help men improve their appearance, because a suit that fits properly subtly accentuates a man's physical features, Roberts says. Another longstanding fashion tip still holds true: match the belt to the shoes.

Many body soaps are too strong to use on the face, even for men. Men are best served by using a soap that is created especially for the face.

Keeping fingernails short and clean help men make favorable impressions. Some men choose to have a monthly manicure.

Other grooming basics include brushing and flossing and standing up straight.