Are Men Attracted to Certain Types of Perfume?


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According to LuvEssentials, men are often attracted to perfumes that contain vanilla and sandalwood essences. Romantic scents such as lavender, musk and orchids are also commonly found in perfumes that most appeal to men.

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Perfume containing essence of vanilla can attract males and can function as a natural aphrodisiac. Men find the scent of vanilla both irresistible and arousing, while the scent of vanilla liqueur is sexually exciting for both males and females. Vanilla essence is also warming and brings feelings of peace and comfort to a man.

Sandalwood is another warming and sensual scent that appeals to many men. This scent features a natural earthy smell that men often find calming.

The scent of lavender in a perfume is relaxing and alluring and improves a man’s mood. Lavender features a delicate floral scent that is subtle, yet romantic and feminine.

Orchids also feature a light floral scent that is passionate and enticing for men. This scent has similar effects to vanilla because it brings feelings of tranquility to a man and inspires romance.

Similarly, men are also attracted to perfumes that contain the erotic and enchanting scent of musk. This scent is stronger than sandalwood and is commonly used in both women’s and men’s fragrances to attract the opposite sex.

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