How Do You Melt Down Gold?


To melt gold, place the gold in a graphite crucible. Heat the gold to approximately 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Pour the melted gold into a mold, and allow it to cool completely.

  1. Purchase supplies and safety equipment

    Find and purchase all the necessary equipment. A graphite crucible and a propane or acetylene torch are easily obtained. Purchase a graphite mold, if desired, to pour the melted gold in. Be certain to pay close attention to safety precautions because everything gets extremely hot. Buy all recommended safety equipment.

  2. Collect the gold to melt

    Be certain the items are actual gold. Test the items if in doubt. Realize different purities of gold have different melting temperatures, though the exact purity makes little difference in the melting process.

  3. Place the gold into the graphite crucible

    Do not overfill the crucible. Be certain to firmly attach the crucible to a fireproof surface well away from any flammable items.

  4. Heat the gold

    Any heat source that can raise the temperature to approximately 2000 degrees Fahrenheit works to melt gold. A propane torch or an acetylene torch are easily accessible. These tools provide enough heat but must be treated with extreme care. Aim the torch at the gold. Watch as the gold melts.

  5. Pour the melted gold into the mold

    Using long heat-proof tongs, pick up the crucible. Pour the melted gold into the mold. Set the mold in a safe, heat-proof location. Allow the gold and the mold to cool completely before removing the gold ingot from the mold.