How Do You Measure Your Torso?

How Do You Measure Your Torso?

To measure your torso, ask a second person to hold a flexible tape measure, have him place the tape measure along your spine, and determine the number of inches between the C7 vertebrae and iliac crest. This task takes less than five minutes to complete.

  1. Locate the C7 vertebrae

    Stand in an upright position, and tilt your head gently toward the floor. Find the C7 vertebrae by feeling for the bone that juts out the most when your head is angled downward.

  2. Locate the iliac crest

    Still standing, place both hands on your hips with your thumbs on your back and your fingers curving around your sides toward your stomach. The iliac crest is the bone on both right and left sides where your hands naturally rest on your hips.

  3. Measure the length between the C7 vertebrae and iliac crest

    Have the second person place the top, or 0-inch mark, of the tape measure at the C7 vertebrae. Allow the tape measure to follow the curve of your spine. Imagine a line between both thumbs, and mark the point on the tape measure where it crosses this line on the iliac crest. Count the inches between these two points. The final number is the total length of your torso.