How Do You Measure Your Shoe Size?


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To measure shoe size, wear socks of standard thickness and stand straight against the wall on top of a piece of paper. Mark the distance between the heel and the longest toe. Be sure to measure both the left and right feet, as they can differ slightly. Use a shoe-sizing chart to match the foot-length measurement to a size.

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Incorrectly sized shoes can lead to injuries and poor foot health. Studies demonstrated that not only did most senior citizens wear improperly fitted shoes, but that this correlated with pain and ulcerations. Another study verified these findings, this time suggesting that properly fitted shoes not only prevented ulcerations but could also help treat them. Making correct shoe sizing more difficult is the discovery that feet change sizes slightly when standing or sitting. Most shoes were too narrow for their wearers.

Studies found that up to 75 percent of people wear the incorrect size. It is recommended to re-measure feet at least twice a year, preferably every time shoes are purchased. Ideally, measure during the afternoon because feet swell during the day.To avoid purchasing a poorly fitted shoe, take the time to try shoes on both feet and walk on a firm surface. Runners should always take shoes for a test run before purchase.

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