How Do You Measure Shirt Size?

measure-shirt-size Credit: Manuel Velasco/Vetta/Getty Images

To determine the needed size for a shirt, take measurements at the neck, chest and stomach. Use the measurements for arms and shoulders to determine if the shirt needs to be short, regular, tall or extra tall.

  1. Measure the neck

    Lay the measuring tape against the neck at the typical height of a collar, just below the Adam's apple. Insert one finger between the tape and the skin to ensure a comfortable fit.

  2. Measure for the sleeves

    Place the end of the measuring tape at the base of the neck in the back. Draw the tape across the top of the shoulder and down the arm. Take the measurement just above the thumb knuckle, or the center of the hand.

  3. Measure the shoulder

    Locate the axis where the vertical arm meets the horizontal shoulder. Place the end of the measuring tape at this point. Lay the tape across the shoulder, around the back and down the other shoulder. Take the measurement at the other axis.

  4. Measure around the chest

    Lay the tape around the fullest part of the chest. The tape should be tight to the armpits and go over the shoulder blades, with the arms down and relaxed.

  5. Measure the stomach

    Lay the measuring tape comfortably around the fullest part of the stomach, typically around the belly button.