How Do You Measure Your Ring Size at Home?

How Do You Measure Your Ring Size at Home?

One way to measure a person's ring size at home is to download and print a ring sizer from a jewelry store website like Zales, Blue Nile or Lumera Diamonds. The instructions for using the ring sizer are usually included on the printout, and the user usually wraps a piece of paper with measurements around the finger.

Do the following to measure a finger's ring size at home.

  1. Print out a ring sizer
  2. Visit a website of a jewelry store to download a ring sizer. Print it out and cut the sizer from the paper as instructed on the document.

  3. Wrap the ring sizer around the finger
  4. Wrap the ring sizer so that it's below the knuckle and where a ring would typically be worn. When wrapping the sizer around the finger, don't make it too snug or too loose since this will not result in an accurate measurement. It's helpful to wrap the finger when it's not cold and to do the measurements at least three times, notes Blue Nile.

  5. Get the measurement
  6. Look at the loose end of the ring sizer to see where it ends when wrapped around the finger. The marking on the ring sizer will tell the size.