How Do You Measure Your Ring Size?

How Do You Measure Your Ring Size?

Wrap a printable paper ring sizer from a jewelry company around your finger, and mark where the paper makes a complete circle to determine ring size. Do not wrap it too tightly to guarantee a comfortable fit.

  1. Find and cut out a printable paper ring sizer

    Jewelry companies, such as Zales or Jared, provide free printable paper ring sizers. Browse the website of a reputable jewelry provider, and print out a paper ring sizer.

  2. Wrap and mark the ring size on the paper

    Wrap the ring sizer around your finger. Slide the ring sizer up and down your finger to make sure it fits over your knuckle comfortably without falling off easily. When you feel the fit is right, mark the spot where the paper meets on your finger.

  3. Tape together the paper ring, and double check size

    Tape the ring sizer together, and slide it off of your finger. Compare the size to a size chart to determine the correct ring size needed.