How Do You Measure a Person for a Suit?

How Do You Measure a Person for a Suit?

To measure for a suit, use a measuring strap to find the dimensions for the coat and the pants. This involves measuring arms, legs, torso, neck, shoulders, and both full and half lengths.

  1. Take the neck measurement

    Place the measuring strap around the neck at the point where the top of a shirt collar hits. The measuring tape should be snug but comfortable. Note the measurement in inches.

  2. Measure the chest and stomach

    Lay the strap around the chest, just under the armpits and shoulder blades. The tape should be snug, and the chest should not be puffed out. Ensure the tape is horizontal to the floor before noting the measurement. Keeping the tape flat and parallel to the floor, wrap it around the fullest part of the stomach, and note the measurement.

  3. Take the shoulder measurement

    Place the measuring tape across the top of the shoulder. The beginning and end points should be the points at which the vertical plane of the arm intersects with the horizontal plane of the shoulder.

  4. Measure for the sleeves

    Place the top of the strap at the same intersection of vertical and horizontal as before. Keeping the tape perpendicular to the floor, measure to the "pinch" of the hand, the point on the back of the hand just above the knuckles. Take the measurement for the other sleeve.

  5. Take the bicep and wrist measurements

    Keeping the tape flat, wrap it around the widest part of the bicep with arms at the side. Next, wrap the strap around the fullest part of the wrist.

  6. Take the measurement for jacket length

    Start at the front base of the neck, and lay the tape straight down to a point even with the thumb knuckle.

  7. Measure the hips and waist

    Wrap the tape around the fullest part of the hips and buttocks, keeping it parallel to the floor. Move the tape up to the waist at the natural level for a belt.

  8. Take half measurements

    Measure the front chest by laying the tape flat from armpit to armpit. Repeat this procedure for the back width. Place the tape at the base of the neck, and measure to the top of the pants. Measure each shoulder from the base of the neck to the tip of the shoulder.

  9. Measure the legs

    For the outseam measurement, lay the tape from the top of the waistband to the floor. The tape should be outside the leg. For the inseam, measure from the lowest part of the crotch to the floor. Take the thigh measurement at the fullest point. Repeat for the knee.

  10. Take final measurements

    For the crotch measurement, run the strap from the front of the waistband between the legs and to the back of the waistband, keeping the strap loose. Take a full sleeve measurement for each arm from the base of the neck to the pinch. For the full back measurement, place the strap at the base of the neck and measure to the floor.