How Do You Measure to Fit Pants?


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Measuring to fit pants requires using a tape measure to get eight measurements. The process for men and women is slightly different, though the measurements are mostly the same ones.

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To measure a man for pants, have him dress in lightweight clothing with his shoes on. His feet should be slightly apart and his posture straight.

First, wrap the tape measure snugly around the smallest part of the waist. Tie a ribbon around this area for later measurements. Next, measure around the fullest part of the hips. Record also the distance between the ribbon and the fullest part of the hip. For tailored pants, also measure from the navel to the fullest part of the abdomen.

Measure the fullest parts of the thigh, knee and calf. For tailored pants, take the measurement at the instep by wrapping the tape measure around the heel and over the instep.

For length, measure from the waist to the desired length of the pants. For the inseam, measure one leg from the crotch to the desired length of the pants.

Women need fewer measurements. It's only necessary to take the waist, hip and inseam measurements. If the woman intends to wear the pants with certain shoes, she should put these on for the inseam measurement. Otherwise, she should be barefoot.

Use the taken measurements to compare to a manufacturer's sizing chart for correctly fitting pants.

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