What Is the Meaning of a Star Tattoo?


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A star tattoo generally represents hope, truth or the struggle of pushing on through hard times. Since a star shines bright in the darkness, it is representative of light being shed on the truth in life.

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No matter how dark it is during the night, stars will shine through the darkness. Stars can be symbolic of how a person is able to push through dark times of his or her life. The star is a symbol for hope that light will come again and that a dark point in life will not always remain. Depending on the type of star, tattoos with stars can have different meanings.

One of the most popular stars is the pentagram, or the five-pointed star. When the star has the lone point at the bottom, it is often representative of something sinister or satanic. When the point is at the top, it represents a harmonizing nature. The Star of David is another popular tattoo option. It is a six-point star that is especially prevalent in Jewish cultures. It shows the symbolic meaning that the chosen people have with God. It can also be used to represent the six days of the week that it took God to create the earth.

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