What Is the Meaning of a Dream Catcher Tattoo?


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According to Tattoo Easily, a dreamcatcher tattoo symbolizes the Native American culture. Many people believe dreamcatcher tattoos protect a person from negative energy, while others see them as a connection between man and nature. Others get the tattoo to show respect for the ancient traditions of Native American culture.

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Indian tribes believed that a mythical spider woman visited newborn babies and spun webs to place near their cribs for protection. It was believed that a dreamcatcher would keep away bad dreams and allow good ones to enter.

According to the legend, bad dreams would get caught in the top web of the dreamcatcher, and, as it proceeded down through the web, the web would trap the negative energy. Only positive thoughts would make it to the bottom of the web, dripping down onto the child from the feathers that hung from the dreamcatcher's bottom.

Adhering to the legend, women of the Native American tribes often made dreamcatchers to place on their newborn babies' cribs. The dreamcatcher is typically drawn with eight points, which represent a spider's eight legs. Over time, dreamcatchers were made more colorful to keep babies' attention.

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