What Is the Meaning of a Daisy Tattoo?

Over the years, the daisy has come to represent many concepts, depending on the cultural and religious influences a person uses. Generally speaking, however, a daisy tattoo represents love, purity, innocence and chastity.

When interpreted with a Christian influence, a daisy can represent the Virgin Mary, symbolizing her purity. The daisy also represents the infant Christ and his simple virtue. In Norse mythology, the flower is used by Freya, the Norse goddess of love, and stands for sensuality and fertility. The ancient Romans used the daisy to symbolize simplicity and chastity, while in some places in the western world, the daisy is associated with cleanliness, freshness and motherhood.

Daisy tattoos generally represent joy and peace, but the color of the daisy can affect its meaning. For example, Body Art explains that red daisies are associated with youthful energy, and blue daisies represent emotions and gentler qualities. Yellow daisies represent cheerfulness, and white daisies are associated with innocence.