How Do You Match Colors?

Use a simple color wheel to help you utilize matching colors in your outfits. Step by step, you can determine what shades will work depending on your skin tone and personal style.

  1. Choosing from one palette

    Pick one color from the color wheel that you would like to wear. The two colors next to this color on the wheel are matching analogous colors. When used together, these pairs can create striking ensembles that utilize different shades of similar colors.

  2. Using secondary colors

    Choose one color from the wheel. Directly across from it is its secondary color. These pairs may appear to clash at first glance, but actually work together to create a very dynamic look. Examples of color pairs you could work with include orange and blue, and violet and yellow.

  3. Using one shade of color

    When in doubt, come back to basic neutral shades of black, white and gray. Then, pick one piece in your outfit to wear in a solid color. Color used in this way preserves the classiness and slimming aspects of black, while still brightening up your look with an eye-catching hue.

  4. Considering color tone

    Remember to consider the tone of the color that you're using, and whether it's warm, cold, or neutral. A neutral shade can always be paired with a warm or cold color, but stay away from mixing warm and cold tones.