How Do You Match Clothes in an Outfit?

The best way to match clothes in an outfit is by using a color wheel. Start with a base piece, match it according to a complementary or analogous color scheme, and finish with neutral accessories.

  1. Start with a base piece

    Select either a bottom or a top as the base piece. Choose the dominant color in that piece, and find that color on the color wheel.

  2. Select complementary colors

    Complementary colors are opposites on the color wheel. If you want your base piece to stand out, match it to another garment in an opposite color. For instance, if matching a pair of pants with dominant orange undertones, select a blue shirt.

  3. Choose analogous colors

    As an alternative to complementary colors, select three colors next to each other on the color wheel. This gives a more subtle effect. For example, start with the orange-shade pants, and match them to a top with shades of red and yellow.

  4. Try the ombré effect

    If working within an analogous color scheme, aim for the ombré effect. This means starting with darker colors on one end and fading to the lighter color. For example, if starting with the orange pants, select a light orange top and add a yellow scarf.

  5. Add neutral accessories

    Whether styling in the complementary or analogous color scheme, ground the hues with neutral accessories. Look for a belt and shoes in a shade of brown, black or gray.