How Many Wins Does Puerto Rico Have in Miss Universe Pageants?

Since the start of Miss Universe pageants in the early 1950s, five Puerto Ricans hold Miss Universe titles. The title of the first Puerto Rican Miss Universe went to Marisol Maralet, winner of the 1970 competition. Next, Deborah Cathy-Deu, a fellow Puerto Rican, took the title of Miss Universe in 1985, followed by Dayanara Torres in 1993, Denise Quinones in 2001 and Zuleyka Rivera in 2006.

Marisol Malaret was the first Miss Universe winner for Puerto Rico. In addition to serving as a beauty queen, Malaret enjoys a career in acting. She appears in two documentaries, filmed in 2001 and 2002. After receiving the award of Miss Universe, Malaret enjoyed a burst of fame and popularity in her native country of Puerto Rico. She has one child, and served as Editor-in-Chief of the Puerto Rican magazine "Caras" in 2001. Rivera, the most recent winner, enjoys the same popularity and star status as previous winners. She won the title of Miss Universe at age 18, making her one of the youngest recipients in history. Also an actress, she appears in a Mexican television series called "Dame Chocolate." The high number of winners makes Puerto Rico the third most successful nation in the Miss Universe pageants; the United States takes second and Venezuela leads.