What Are Some Manufacturers of Orthopedic Shoes?

What Are Some Manufacturers of Orthopedic Shoes?

Trotters, Caterpillar, OrthoFeet, Softwalk and Sanita are some manufacturers that produce orthopedic shoes. Some are more specialized in a specific type of footwear, while others produce a variety of different footwear products. Other companies, such as Amfit and Footmind, produce other kinds of orthopedic items like insoles and braces.

Trotters is a manufacturer that focuses on fashionable shoes. The company's stated goal is to create visually appealing shoes that are also comfortable. Trotters' product line includes boots, sandals, dress shoes and casual loafers.

Danish company Sanita focuses on the production of comfortable clogs suitable for nurses or other individuals that spend the whole day standing. Sanita's clogs promote healthy posture and feature an orthopedic footbed that helps distribute the weight naturally.

Caterpillar is primarily focused on the manufacturing of work shoes. Its product line mainly consists of boots that help laborers carry out tough jobs in all weather conditions, but it also includes indoor work shoes or casual footwear.

Softwalk focuses on women's shoes, creating products that are fashionable and comfortable. The footbed used in the company's shoes is lightweight and low profile, but it provides proper support to the feet. Softwalk's product line ranges from sleek professional wear to casual boots and sandals.