What Manufacturers Only Sell Camouflage Clothing?

What Manufacturers Only Sell Camouflage Clothing?

Companies that specialize in camouflage clothing include Mossy Oak, Realtree, Huntworth and Robinson Outdoors. These retailers design camouflage patterns for specific hunting needs, and they manufacture durable and comfortable clothing appropriate for outdoor use.

The Mossy Oak company began in 1986 in West Point, Mississippi. Its mission was to design camouflage patterns using natural elements, colors and shadows that would blend in to specific surroundings. The pattern names include: Bottomland, Breakup Country, Brush, Shadowgrass Blades and Obsession.

Realtree also began in 1986 in Georgia, with a camouflage design that included the bark of a tree to create a realistic effect. Its patterns are designed for open country, marshland and timberland, incorporating colors that are specific to seasonal foliage.

Huntworth, founded in Pennsylvania, manufactures camouflage hunting clothes with features borrowed from athletic gear. Its camouflage designs are specific to oak trees, snow and marshland.

The Robinson Outdoor brand, headquartered in Minnesota, has a line of camouflage hunting gear that uses scent-blocking technology incorporated into the fabric. It also offers Whitewater, a line of heavy weather outerwear featuring camouflage designs from Mossy Oak and Realtree.

These companies cater to those who view hunting and outdoors as hobbies and as a way of life. In addition to clothing, these companies offer hunter education and conservation programs. Almost any type of clothing is available with camouflage design for men, women and children, including jackets, coveralls, gloves and boots for cold weather. T-shirts, sweatshirts and base layers are available, as well. There are also items of clothing not specifically designed for hunting, such as dress shirts and formal wear.