What Are Some Manufacturers That Make Gothic Trench Coats?

What Are Some Manufacturers That Make Gothic Trench Coats?

Manufacturers of Gothic trench coats include Tripp NYC, Necessary Evil, Dead Threads and Hilary's Vanity. Gothic trench coats are part of the Goth fashion movement, which typically features dark colors and ornate pieces inspired by historical fashion trends, as well as details such as spikes or buckles. Some Gothic trench coats mimic styles seen in horror movies such as the "Hellraiser" series.

The Hellraiser trench coat by Tripp NYC reflects the long black coat worn by Pinhead, the main character in the "Hellraiser" movie franchise. The floor-length black coat features a zipper front and multiple eyelets at the waist and cuffs.

The Highwayman men's trench coat by Necessary Evil features a wide, hooded collar and front zipper and buckle closures. This knee-length trench is fully lined.

Dead Thread's Black Bondage Buckle trench coat includes multiple buckles and rivets and a detachable silver chain. The calf-length trench also comes with four straps that the wearer can attach to the coat's multiple d-rings on the front and sleeves. The coat has two pockets at the waist.

The Devious men's leather trench coat by Hilary's Vanity features genuine Napa leather construction with a polyester lining. The coat includes embroidered red detailing and a pointed vampire collar. The California designer features a variety of Gothic, steampunk and fetish-inspired designs.