How Do You Do a Manicure at Home?

How Do You Do a Manicure at Home?

Manicuring your nails at home requires cleaning and filing your nails, moisturizing them and applying a base coat and two coats of nail color. Make sure to apply a top coat to protect the nail color.

  1. Clean your nails

    Shape your nail using a file. AUse a cuticle pusher and push the cuticles down. Buff the nails to smooth their surface. Wash your hands thoroughly and make sure there is no debris underneath the fingernails.

  2. Use moisturizer liberally

    Rub non-greasy moisturizer onto your nails and massage them gently. Let the moisturizer penetrate the cuticles and skin around the nails.

  3. Apply the base coat

    Apply a thin layer of the clear base coat. Allow the base coat to dry completely. The base coat acts as a primer to make the color coats last longer.

  4. Apply two coats of color

    Using the bottle cap brush, apply a thin layer of the color coat and allow it to dry completely before applying another thin layer. Paint the edge of each fingernail. Use an even pressure and remove excess paint before touching the brush to the nail surface.

  5. Apply the top coat

    Brush on the top coat with light, even strokes. Apply the top coat to the edge of each nail. Allow the top coat to dry completely.