How Does a Man Go About Manscaping His Groin?

How Does a Man Go About Manscaping His Groin?

To manscape the groin, wash and condition the hair, trim the excess length, shave the testicles, clean up the lines and soothe the area as necessary. Manscaping the groin takes roughly 30 minutes and requires shampoo and conditioner, a comb, a beard trimmer, scissors, a razor, shaving cream and soothing lotion. Wax or chemical depilatories are optional.

  1. Wash the area

    Use a gentle shampoo to wash the pubic hair. Rinse well. Use moisturizing conditioner on the area to soften the hair and skin.

  2. Remove excess length

    Towel dry the pubic hair. Use a comb to pull it straight, and cut the hair to the desired length.

  3. Shave the testicles

    Apply shaving cream or moisturizing conditioner to the testicles. Carefully pull the skin taut. Shave in the direction that the hair grows. Do not go over the same area twice as this can create razor burn on the delicate skin.

  4. Clean the lines

    While perfectly straight lines are not the goal, according to Esquire Magazine, it is recommended to tidy up excess hair. One method is to use a beard trimmer to clean up the lines. Never use these on the testicles, though. A longer-lasting option is to use wax or depilatories. Either of these should only be used around the edges, not the genitals.

  5. Soothe the area as necessary

    The first time sensitive skin is shaved, buzzed or waxed, it can become red and uncomfortable. Place several ice cubes in a plastic bag, wrap the bag in a cloth and place the compress against the irritated area. Afterwards, apply a soothing lotion.