What Is Man 1 Man Oil?

Man 1 Man oil is a brand of health cream designed to increase the sensitivity of the penis, as well as soothe irritated penile skin. It contains ingredients that have been specially formulated for optimum penis health.

Man 1 Man oil is a health cream specifically formulated to promote optimum penis health, increase the sensitivity of the penis and condition penile skin. Its formula contains a number of what the makers call "penis-specific ingredients," essential for penis health. Two major ingredients are vitamin E and shea butter, both of which rejuvenate penile skin by softening and promoting moisture retention of the skin cells. This leads to relief of such symptoms as dry, chafed or red penile skin.

Another major ingredient of Man 1 Man oil is acetyl L carnitine, which is said to increase penile sensitivity. This substance has been shown to have a neuroprotective effect against peripheral penis nerve damage brought about by sexual activity. When combined with another one of Man 1 Man oil's major ingredients, alpha lipoic acid, it can even reverse damage against the cell mitochondria of the penis. Acetyl L carnitine also helps to keep nerve and cell functions healthy and delay the aging process.

Man 1 Man oil also contains vitamins A, B5, C and D that help with everything from eliminating penile odor to stimulating collagen production and penile tissue firmness.