What Are Male Tramp Stamps?

The term "tramp stamp" is a derogatory nickname for a lower-back tattoo that is situated directly above the male or female derrière. The term, initially used only in reference to women, suggests that the tattoo’s placement indicates promiscuity.

Men typically get these tattoos less frequently than women, but it is not entirely uncommon. For instance, soccer star David Beckham has a lower-back tattoo that reads "Brooklyn," which is his son's name. DJ Pauly D, from the reality show "Jersey Shore," has a "tramp stamp" of his own name.

This type of tattoo gained popularity when crop tops and low-rise jeans experienced resurgence in the early 2000s. The lower back is also a prime location for tattoos because it is easy to conceal under clothing and because this area stores less body fat, which helps the tattoo retain its form over the years.