What Are Some Makeup Tips for Women Over 50.

Some makeup tips for women over 50 include using moisturizer or primer before applying makeup, wearing different foundations in winter and summer months, choosing a foundation that is formulated for mature skin, and wearing lip gloss to give the lips a plumper appearance. Some other makeup tips include avoiding dark lipsticks, using eye pencils instead of liquid liner and using contouring techniques to add definition to the face.

Using moisturizer or plumper before applying makeup temporarily fills out fine lines and wrinkles. Moisturizing the skin or using a primer also allows foundation, eye shadow and mascara to glide onto the skin smoothly, creating a more uniform appearance and ensuring that the makeup stays in place longer. Any foundation used should be appropriate for the season. A foundation that has a creamy formula works better during winter months, while a tinted moisturizer is often all that is needed during the summer.

To wear lip gloss, fill the lips in with a colored lip liner, or use a lipstick that is one to two shades darker than the natural color of the lips. Apply a small amount of lip gloss on top of the color. Using a darker lip shade ages the face, although women over 50 who have dark skin and full lips can wear darker colors. Women who do not have darker skin tones and full lips should wear lipstick shades in rose or pink.

Women over 50 should not use liquid liners because they add a harsh appearance to the eyes, while using an eye pencil creates a softer appearance. Smudge the line created using the eye pencil with a finger, or apply dark eye shadow using an angled makeup brush to create an even softer line. Adding definition to the face is done by using bronzer and blush to highlight the best features of the face while playing down trouble areas.