What Are Some Makeup Tips for Small Eyes?

What Are Some Makeup Tips for Small Eyes?

For those with small eyes, there are many proven tips and tricks that make the eyes really stand out. A base of pale shadow should be worn on the lids. Not only does pale shadow accentuate the size and shape of the eyes, but lighter colors also add instant brightness and lessen the look of tired eyes.

Those with smaller eyes should try to avoid dark color shadow for lids; however, adding a dark color shadow to the outer corners of each eye can really bring out the eye color. Sweeping a light color under brow bones makes eyes appear larger than they are and finishes the eye shadow application.

A makeup trick that works wonders for smaller eyes consists of lining only the upper lash line while carefully avoiding thick lines that can make eyes appear smaller. For added drama, eyeliner can be extended past the outer corner to form a sweeping cat eye that makes eyes really stand out. Smudging liner softens the look while still keeping eyes bright and open. Finally, adding white eyeliner on inner rims creates a bright, open eye look that is perfect for waking up tired eyes or reducing puffiness.

Adding two coats of a volume-building mascara to the middle and outer corner of the eyes creates lush, full lashes, followed up with a lash curler that maximizes the brightness and size of eyes.

To complete the makeup application, a liquid or powder highlighter added to cheekbones simultaneously brightens eyes and cheeks.