What Are Some Makeup Tips for Dark Skin?


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Those with dark skin should avoid frosty lip colors and make sure to use concealer to hide blemishes. People with dark skin should also make sure that the makeup they use matches their skin tone correctly. They should also try out different shades of eye shadow to determine which hues really work with their skin tone.

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What Are Some Makeup Tips for Dark Skin?
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People with dark skin should avoid makeup that is too light because it can make skin appear chalky. Foundations that are yellow-based work better for darker skin tones. There should be no visible line between exposed skin and the foundation.

Foundation should be checked against skin tone under natural light to ensure that it matches the skin color correctly. If the correct foundation color is difficult to find, try mixing together two different shades to create one that will work. One should be darker than the natural skin color, while the shade that it is combined with should be lighter.

When looking for lipsticks that will compliment dark skin, try earth tones, neutrals, pinks and dark burgundy. These are the colors that work best with dark skin. When trying out different eye shadows, remember that shimmery and metallic options look good against dark skin. Mixing two complimentary colors together also works for darker skin tones, especially bright colors.

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