What Are Some Makeup Tips for African-American Women?

What Are Some Makeup Tips for African-American Women?

Some makeup tips for African American women include using a yellow-based foundation and a brown or copper blush. Brighter eye shadow colors work well with darker skin. Certain makeup lines are designed for African-American women or those of darker skin colors.

A foundation that is too light gives the skin a chalky appearance. The correct shade blends in so that it disappears when applied to the skin. If a woman can't find a foundation color that matches her skin color, she can mix two shades.

Shades that make the lips stand out include earth tones, pinks and dark burgundy. A woman should choose a lip liner that's close to the color of her lipstick or lip gloss so it looks natural.

Appropriate eye makeup varies based on the occasion and the time of day. Neutral colors, such as beige, brown and light pink, are typically best during the day. At night and during social events, brighter colors are a good choice. Shimmery and metallic eye shadows work well with dark skin, along with mixing two complementary colors. Black mascara and brown or black eyeliner also work well with dark skin.

Black Radiance and Fashion Fair are makeup brands devoted to African-American women. Iman Cosmetics, M.A.C. and Cover Girl's Queen line have shades for all skin colors.