What Are Some Makeup Mistakes?


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Anne Donahue of Canadian Living notes that there are many makeup mistakes women make, including overdoing foundation. Doing so can make an individual's face look caked-on with make-up, negating the natural look that many people try to achieve with make-up.

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What Are Some Makeup Mistakes?
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Another makeup mistake that many women make is using interior lighting to determine the right foundation to use. This is because inside lighting can distort the appearance of skin and cause someone to choose an incompatible foundation color. This problem can be fixed by using natural lighting to choose foundation and testing the foundation color on the jaw-line.

Another common makeup mistake women make is to use mascara that is over three months old. Doing so can make eyelashes look both messy and spider-like. Older mascara can also become clumpy and difficult to apply, and may even contain bacteria. Purchasing new mascara every three months helps to avoid all of these problems.

Some women also make the mistake of choosing a lip color that is too bold. Doing so can overpower the rest of a woman's daytime appearance. This can be avoided by choosing a lip color no more than two shades darker than the natural lip color in order to make lips look both natural and daytime appropriate.

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