What Are Some Makeup Giveaways?

makeup-giveaways Credit: Hiroshi Watanabe/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Makeup giveaways can consist of free samples, entries into contests for winning full-sized products and gifts with purchase. Some sites, such as Poshly, require users to take surveys for a chance at free products, while others, such as Elle, run regular sweepstakes during which users simply need to give their contact information.

Free Grabber is a site that lists companies giving away free samples of their products, including makeup. Users have to click on links that take them to external sites. The link is usually directed to Facebook, where people "like" the page to receive the offer. Pretty Thrifty is another website that lists giveaways and sweepstakes for full-sized products.

Websites associated with women's magazines, such as Marie Clare, Allure and Cosmo, have giveaways and sweepstakes every month. Elle often offers the chance to win money for makeup, Marie Clare has contests for a year's supply of makeup and Allure features everyday contests for makeup and skin care products.

Another option is gift-with-purchase. Major makeup brands, such as Clinique, Estee Lauder and Lancome, often put out promotions that allow consumers to receive a gift set with a purchase totaling a specific amount. These gift sets typically include several sample sizes. Consumers must often make purchases at specified department stores.