Does Makeup Ever Go Bad?


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Makeup can go bad due to age and cross contamination with the skin. Old makeup can carry a range of bacteria that cause eye and skin infections.

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Does Makeup Ever Go Bad?
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Liquid foundations used longer than six months can go bad due to bacteria from cross contamination. When foundation separates or develops a peculiar odor, it is time to replace it.

Beyond three months, mascara dries out, making application more difficult. It is also a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause eye infections. Pencil eye liners can last for a year.

Lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner may last two years or more, but they need replacements when they feel dry or no longer look creamy on the lips. Wiping pencil lip liners with alcohol after sharpening can help them last longer.

Appearance and smell are important clues. Replace any makeup that changes consistency or scent.

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