How Do You Make Zigzag Cornrows?


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Make zigzag cornrows by first creating a zigzag part, separating the hair into three equal sections then braiding the hair towards the nape of the neck. Add in hair to the cornrow braid while working towards the neck. Once the first braid is complete, create a zigzag part for the second braid that separates the hair to be braided from the rest of the hair. Repeat until all of the hair is braided into a zigzag pattern.

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The length of time required to braid hair into zigzag cornrows depends on the skill of the person doing the braiding, how thick the hair to be braided is, how large the zigzag cornrows are, and how complicated the design is. Larger zigzag cornrows take less time than small zigzag cornrows because fewer rows are required to cover the entire head.

Zigzag cornrows are suitable for both men's and women's hairstyles. These hairstyles can last for several months if the braids are relatively small and incorporate single zigzag braids instead of multiple braids mixed together. Incorporate pigtails or ponytails into this hairstyle by leaving the ends of the braids loose and putting them into a ponytail instead of braiding to the end of the hair.

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