How do you make yourself look prettier?


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Although beauty is considered to be in the eye of the beholder, Psychology Today claims that attractiveness can be increased with some simple lifestyle changes. People are considered prettier when they make an effort to be healthy, clean and well-groomed.

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  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

    A healthy lifestyle should be maintained through an exercise routine and healthy eating habits. Participate in regular movement to maintain a healthy body. Avoid saturated fats and eat berries, low-fat dairy products and healthy fats from fish and nuts for healthy skin.

  2. Choose clean, neat clothing

    A wardrobe impacts prettiness in psychological studies. Put together ensembles that are neat and fit well. Keep clothing ironed and well-maintained. Wear the color red, which is known to make people look more attractive according to studies. Select clothing that also flatters the shape of the body. When in doubt, over-dress for most occasions to enhance your style.

  3. Maintain regular personal grooming habits

    Shower or bathe regularly to appear prettier. Hair should be clean, neatly arranged and trimmed or shaved as needed. Use regular personal care products, such as deodorant, perfume, cologne and lotions that enhance your fragrance and please those around you. In addition, always brush and floss your teeth.

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