How Do You Make a Weave With an Invisible Part?

How Do You Make a Weave With an Invisible Part?

To make a weave with an invisible part, cornrow your hair, cut the extensions to fit your head, sew them into the cornrows and attach the final pieces with glue. This process takes about two hours and requires human hair extensions, a weaving needle, weaving thread, scissors, hair bonding glue, a mirror and a styling comb.

  1. Part and cornrow your hair

    Comb your hair into a center or side part, and braid it into about 10 cornrows starting at your forehead and heading straight back. Sew the loose ends of the cornrows up and into the hair at the nape of your neck.

  2. Trim and place the extensions

    Hold a hair extension at the nape of your neck, and sew it across your cornrows. Sew another extension next to it. As you place additional extensions, trim them to fit the size and shape of your head. Most of the pieces should be about 1-inch wide. Stop placing the extensions when you reach the part in your hair.

  3. Glue extensions along the part

    Coat the end of one extension with a thin layer of hair-bonding glue. Carefully place the glue along the part. Continue gluing extensions along the part until only your scalp is visible.

  4. Comb the extensions

    Gently comb the extensions.