How Do You Make Water Marble Nails?

How Do You Make Water Marble Nails?

To marble nail polish in water, drip polish into tepid water, and swirl it with a toothpick. Prepare your fingers, and dip the nail bed into the polish until it adheres. Clean up the excess, and seal the marbled polish with a top coat.

  1. Polish with a base coat

    Select a neutral base coat, such as nude or light pink. Polish your nails. Wait for them to dry completely.

  2. Prepare your fingers

    Wrap medical or masking tape around each finger just below the nail bed. Wrap another strip over the tip of the finger, being careful to cover the nail. Spread petroleum jelly on a cotton swab, and cover any remaining skin showing near the nail bed. Be careful not to get petroleum jelly on the nail bed itself.

  3. Prepare the bowl

    Pour tepid water into a plastic bowl. Select an old bowl as it gets stained from this process.

  4. Add nail polish

    Get an excess amount of polish on the wand. Hold the wand over the water from a low height, allowing the polish to drip onto the water. Select a second color, and repeat this process. Make sure the second drop goes in the center of the first so it creates a bullseye. Continue adding drops of polish until you have a wide circle of different polish colors.

  5. Marble the polish

    Drag a toothpick from the center of the bullseye to the rim. Do this several times until the polish shows the desired marbling effect. For best results, use a different toothpick each time.

  6. Dip your nail in

    Lay the nail bed onto the marbled polish. Let it set for several seconds so that the polish has time to adhere. Use a toothpick to move the excess polish out of the way.

  7. Clean up the finger

    Use the toothpick to poke the polish off of your skin. Remove the tape.

  8. Polish the rest of your nails

    The drip process is only good for one nail. Repeat the process of dripping, swirling and dipping for successive nails.

  9. Apply a top coat

    Apply a glossy top coat to seal the nail polish.