How Do You Make a Wallet?

How Do You Make a Wallet?

To make a leather wallet, cut out a pattern, transfer it to the back of a sheet of leather, and cut out the leather pieces. Punch sewing holes into the pieces, line them up, stitch the sides with a double-needle stitch, and tie off with a triple knot.

  1. Cut out the pattern

    Transfer a wallet pattern to paper. Cut out the pattern pieces.

  2. Trace the pattern

    Place a piece sheet of leather face down on a flat surface. Place the pattern pieces onto the leather so that there is enough room to work between the pieces. Use a fabric marker to trace the pattern pieces.

  3. Cut out the leather

    Place the leather on a protected surface. Use a rotary blade and a straight edge ruler to cut out straight lines.

  4. Punch holes in the leather

    Tack the pattern back onto the leather. Following the pattern, use an awl to punch sewing holes into the leather. The holes should be just big enough for a needle and thread to pass through.

  5. Start stitching

    Place two leather pieces together according to the pattern directions. Thread one 2-foot length of thread into two needles, one at either end. Align the holes, and weave the needles through each hole. Work across the first seam. Finish with a triple tailor's knot.

  6. Fold and stitch the leather

    Most wallet patterns call for the largest piece of leather to be folded and stitched together. Fold the leather, and match up the holes. Make a strong crease in the fold. Use the double-needle stitch to sew the pieces together. Use a triple knot to secure the end.

  7. Finish stitching the wallet

    Add the additional leather pieces. Align the holes, and stitch as before. Finish with a triple knot. Cut any tails of thread.