How Do You Make a Victorian Hat?

To make a Victorian hat, form the main shape out of wire, then twist velvet around the base of the wire shape. Arrange fake flowers and a bow at the top. Attach them to the wire base by sewing them on.

  1. Construct the wire base

    Build the base of the hat with millinery wire, which can be purchased at craft stores. The base should look like a basket the size of your head. Cover the wires with velvet, ribbon or another fabric.

  2. Twist the velvet

    Take about 1 1/2 yards of ribbon velvet and twist it loosely, so it doesn't look stiff. Start at the back of the base, and work your way around the lowest wire. Sew the twisted velvet to the outside of the wire. Make three loops of the ribbon at the front for decorations. Make a second twist of velvet to go around the next wire, and sew it to the outside. This one does not need loops.

  3. Sew flowers to the top

    Arrange the fake flowers so they are higher in front and narrow in the back. Use a mix of flowers and foliage. Sew the flowers onto the wire base.

  4. Sew on a bow

    Use about 3/4 yard of velvet ribbon to make a bow. Give it as many flourishes and pleats as you want. Sew the bow to the back of the crown, making sure not to flatten it. Let the bow mix in with the flowers.