How Do You Make an Upturned Nose Look Good?

You can make an upturned nose look good by using absorbent wipes to get rid of shine. Avoid flaring your nose and smiling too broadly. Undergo a rhinoplasty surgery for permanent results.

  1. Use absorbent wipes

    Use absorbent wipes to get rid of shine. A shiny nose tends to look too big and wide. Applying foundation on your nose works well in the absence of absorbent wipes.

  2. Avoid flaring your nostrils

    Avoid flaring your nostrils because this makes the nose look bigger.

  3. Watch how you smile

    Be careful about smiling too broadly. A wide smile stretches out the nostrils and makes the nose look big. Practice smiling by showing only the top incisors, while hiding the lower ones. This smile also works to hide wrinkles.

  4. Make your eyes look bigger

    Make your eyes look bigger by applying eyeliner below the lash line rather than inside the rim. Bigger looking eyes make the nose look smaller in comparison.

  5. Tilt your chin

    Tilt your chin down a little lower than usual. This makes the nostrils look smaller.

  6. Get a nose job

    The only way to make an upturned nose look better permanently is to go for a rhinoplasty surgery. This works well to hide the defined nostrils. Ensure that the procedure is performed only by a certified and reputable cosmetic surgeon.